Apps you need to educate young minds!


Light Bot-systems thinking, programming commands and movements, upper level programming with higher order thinking skills required

Daisy the Dinosaur-programming commands and movement 

Cargo Bot-coding, robot commands 

Math vs Zombies: math skills K-5

Teach Me: Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade: math/spelling, reading/writing. (leveled learning app)

 Contraptions: inventions/engineering

 Tinkerbox: inventions/engineering

 Count Money: math

 Drawing Pad: art/brainstorming/can be used for all subjects

 Pocket Rocket 3D: more drawing/art tools

 Stack the States: geography/SS

Planets: Astronomy/Sc

 Star Walk: Astronomy/Sc

 Build a World: Language arts

 Story Patch: Language arts

Puppet Pals: Language Arts

Sock Puppets: Language Arts/Theater

 Mathmateer: math/science

 NASA: Science all around

Pizza Fractions: Math

 Sushi Monster: math facts

Animoto: creating free videos


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