Just a "byte" about me...

  • Grew up across the street from Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, then moved to a Ranch in Missouri. I love being outdoors in nature.
  • Post college graduation, GO TIGERS, I taught fourth and fifth grade for several years. My subject responsibilities were primarily math,  science and technology. While I thoroughly enjoy higher education, I do miss the young learners. 
  • As an administrator I discovered ways to support effective teaching and learning in the classroom. I learned quickly how important it is for teachers to be encouraged and offered educational growth opportunities as they are the door to success for students.
  • Earning my Doctorate from Saint Louis University was one of my most rewarding achievements in my professional career.
  • I'm in my 8th year  of teaching at Rockhurst University. I love the impact I have on others growth and the support I receive for my own learning.
  • I am blessed to be surrounded by a strong network of family and friends, who make this life-long journey worth taking!

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